Pop It! Offers the Fun of Bubble Wrap Without the Waste

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. The Pop It box arrives and you’re more excited for the bubble wrap than whatever you ordered. Pop It!, from Buffalo Games, is all the fun of bubble wrap with no packages necessary.

It’s a soft, plastic disc that flips over when you’re done popping so you can start again! Kids ages 3-6 play with it for sensory fun — keeping their hands engaged as they pop, pop, pop! For kids ages 6 and up, instructions are included for a more challenging venture. 

The game needs two players, and they decide who starts by playing rock, paper, scissors. The first player chooses a row and pops as many bubbles as they want — the second player does the same. They keep taking turns until one of the losing players ultimately has to pop the last bubble. The game is challenging for older kids and requires them to think strategically. A winner is crowned once they win three times!

Pop It! is a softer, quieter version of bubble wrap that doesn’t have to be tossed after one use. It’s long-lasting and easy to take wherever you go. The fact that it’s portable makes it great for long car rides with tireless tots. It can get a little dirty, but it’s nothing that some soap and water can’t fix.

There’s nothing to keep track of, and the game provides endless entertainment for everyone. It’s time to recycle the bubble wrap and pick up this instead. 

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